A long running Franklin County friendly local game shop that's looking to level things up into a premiere gaming venue for tabletop and PC gaming.

More than a Rulebook

We get that games mean a lot more than just a bunch of cards and pieces with a book of rules attached. Games have been a pastime for us and we want to provide others with access to games to help enrich themselves mentally and socially in a place we're happy to call home. For us, our community comes first.

Singles Galore

We love singles of all shapes and sizes. If MTG is your game, then we've got what you need (or can get it). We also carry singles for many other CCGs like Pokemon and Star Wars Destiny.


Local gamers make up the life blood of our industry, so we support our players with weekly events, large quarterly tournaments and more organized play than you can shake a stick at. Well, you could, but it wouldn't really do anything.
  • I have seen this group grow for the past three years now and it has become my favorite gaming store in the Greater St. Louis area (I frequent many of them)...
    S Campbell
  • Great staff. Competitive prices. Tons of events. Most important, is the feeling that they are always looking to improve...
    D Wheatley
  • The staff was friendly and not pushy. Keep up the hard work and thank you for all the hard work you've put into the store.
    C Lambing

Gaming for All

Our shop offers a unique experience across the different gaming spectrum with CCGs, LCGs, RPGS, boardgames, minis, 40k, a PC LAN, and more. Your shields can't repel gaming of this magnitude.

Wizards Sanctioned

We love big Magic events, and also host Pre-Release, PPTQs & More


Use one of our comps or bring your own laptop and enjoy our game library

Board Games

Board games are a passion for a few of us here, and we hand pick our favs

D&D and RPGS

Swing by and stock up on the latest RPG books and dice, especially dice

Warhammer 40k / AoS

We love mini games of all types, and are a proud Games Workshop Retailer

Just Have Fun

We run a lot of competitive events, but never take ourselves too seriously

Game With Us

  • CCGS
    We have weekly events for many card games from the usual FNM to Commander leagues to open play for L5R with OP events. Let us know the games you play and we can work on events!
  • Integration
    There are a few RPG groups around that run sessions at the shop or advertising LFG slots. If you're looking for a game just swing by and we'll be happy to tell you what's going on around town!
  • Performance
    We have PCs with pretty awesome daily play rates to game on as well as laptop stations if you'd rather roll it your own. We also run events for popular games like LoL and Hearthstone!
  • Debugging
    Our community is the reason we do everything that we do here, and we look forward to helping you find a game or group that tickles your fancy. If not, we'll be happy to work with you to build one new!

Leveling Up Gaming

We've been around for a while in Game Store years, but not around all that long compared to some of the old school shops out there. We've always tried to do things a little different, and along the way we've done some things really right, but sometimes we get it wrong too. Our goal is to always make our shop better with the help from our awesome players, so we ask that you help us continue to level up as we grow and things continue to change. Feedback is vital to us and making this happen, so please swing by or just poke us online to give it to us. We're serious about that, so feel free to fill out this quick survey and grab a 20% coupon off your next sealed item! 

Contact Us

(636) 432-5525

316 Jefferson St.
Washington, MO 63090